The Candledust powder candle

TheCandledust is indeed a candle but a candle you design yourself!

Environmentally friendly

All of our ingredients are recyclable and reusable.

Always new

TheCandledust always has a new and fresh look.

It’s that simple

1. Find a suitable container.
2. Pour TheCandledust into the container.
3. Place the candlewick in the powder, light it, and enjoy!

Something new and cool

You’ve probably never heard of TheCandledust before. Now that you have, it’s time to surprise your friends!

The perfect gift

A gift that offers warmth, light, and uplifting aromatherapy!


TheCandledust is indeed a candle but a candle you design yourself!

Discover scents that fill home with coziness.

Where and how to use Candledust candles…

Why do people love the Candledust?

Breeze Candledust!

The candle burns for a long time with one wick and a pleasantly light and fresh aroma.


Divine aromas!

Very fast and pleasant service! The candles smell divine and look very pretty too!



So beautiful and stylish, the perfect gift under the tree.


Dark Honey

The Candledust candle with my most favorite scent. Just perfect 😊


Rhubarb sparkle

Elegant packaging, super nice and interesting smell. Fills the room with a perfectly romantic scent. Very convenient to use.



I received the first powder candle as a gift - I had never heard of it before. Now I have also bought them as gifts, it's a great idea. Everything is as the description says: simple and brilliant in the sense that you can recycle all the empty candle cups-stands-glasses that you haven't thought to throw away


Rhubarb Sparkle

Products with a very pleasant smell! Surprisingly easy to use, grease and soot free! Fast delivery!