Creative Ways To Use Candle Powder

Recommendations and tips for using The Candeldust candles

The Candledust candle brings out your creativity and allows it to soar to great heights. The Candledust candle is a natural candle wax in dust from. The Candledust is in essence as simple as 1-2-3

Choose a container that is non-flammable and has a diameter of at least 8 cm (then the melting candle wax will not stick to the container). Pour the candledust into the container and insert the wick into the dust, leave the tip of the wick ~ 0.5 cm out. Light it and enjoy.

Please follow these simple, yet very important candle burning rules to ensure a safe and pleasant burn of your The Candledust candle

The Candledust candle is super easy! 

• Find a suitable container
• Pour the Candledust into the container  
 Insert the wick into Candledust, light it and enjoy


The diameter of the container in the picture is 13cm, we have chosen one wick for lighting. This ensures the cleanliness of the container. Containers with a diameter of less than 8cm will get melted candle wax and may need cleaning later. If you choose a container wider than 8 cm, you can pour powder out of the container at any time and put it back in again if you wish. If you have chosen a shallower container, you can cut the wicks in half.
The combustion diameter of one wick is 8cm!

​Adding multiple wicks

Candle wicks that are without sustainer, are to be used in a wider container (vase, bowl, dish) anything that is fireproof (glass, metal) and wider than 8 cm in diameter.
Pour the candle into the container, add wick so that ~0.5 cm of the wick remains exposed, and leave 4 cm of free space on each side of the wick, including about 0.5 cm at the bottom.
In this way, the container of your choice will remain clean and will not come into contact with melted candle wax. The combustion diameter of one wick is 8cm!
Burning the wicks too close together (closer than 6cm) will increase the heat from the flame and also make the wax melt faster. In this case, the wicks may sink into the melted wax.

Re-lighting The Candledust

When relighting a candledust, first make sure that the candle has enough wick.
If there is enough wick, light the candle as you would a normal candle.
If you run out of wick, crush the solidified wax into the dust, or you can discard the solidified part.
Pour fresh candledust on top of the broken wax and push the wick(s) into the candledust. You can also add different decorations that you like (flowers, stones, etc.) Make sure that the wicks are 6-8 cm apart and the wicks are at least 4 cm away from the decorations. As the burning diameter of one wick is 8cm! Light the candle and enjoy!
If used wisely, it is possible to use a candledust without leaving any residue.
Anyone who has candles or has a candle glass that has been left standing can now refill the candle themselves

Candle burning instructions

Always burn a candle on a heat proof surface away from objects that can catch fire. Be careful when moving a burning candle – the class can be hot. Keep a burning candle out of reach of children and pets.
Do not burn a candle in a draught. Never leave burning candle unattended! 

Write to us if you have any questions!

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